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I am a web developer in New Zealand that builds websites and web applications for educational, environmental and human rights causes. I can provide services from building a small wordpress site to full on javascript application development and much more.

I began programming when I was a teenager making websites for fun. To build this hobby into a professional career I completed a BE in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Eventually this lead into working in software full time. Since 2007 I have been working for various software companies, then for the last few years I have been working as a remote web developer building websites for small businesses and organisations.

My development philosophy is based on using modern open source tools to enable quick and quality production ready solutions while keeping costs low and the scope within focus. Specifically I am experienced in using React, Backbone, Jquery for Javascript purposes and have done plenty of PHP projects with Laravel. But happy to take on projects within a similar scope.

If you are needing a javascript developer for a upcoming project then get in touch with the form below, or find me on github -

More of Me

I have a pretty amazing photography blog over here

Occasionally I like to complain about politics and life's banality on my twitter @mrflett

A very small bit of my code can be found on github @rdoc101

And then there is my linkedin account which I don't really enjoy using... here


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